Fake Nails – A Band-Aid Solution

fake nails as an alternative to nail biting

Have you resorted to using fake nails as a band-aid solution to your nail-biting habit?

Sure, nail tips can make your nails look really good but are they really worth it?

What are fake nails?

Fake nails are plastic tips that are glued to your nails. When you have fake nails applied the technician buffs your natural nails to glue the plastic tips to lengthen your nails. Acrylic powder is applied to strengthen the tips. And finally, after shaping the nails, they are polished. The polish is often dried under a UV light.

The downside

There are many downsides to having fake nails.

Regular refills are required – usually every two or three weeks. Besides being time-consuming, they are expensive (if you go to a good nail salon).

The top layer including the polish is usually filed off. And this filing is usually done with a drill with a light sandpaper, which can’t be good for your own nails, especially if the drill happens to touch down on the natural nail.

It is usually suggested that the nails be removed from time to time to give your natural nails a break. The tips are soaked off in acetone and besides smelling awful, that stuff isn’t good for your nails. It is said that acetone can weaken your nails and make them brittle.

And after the nails are soaked off, your natural nails are thin, so using a nail hardener is necessary. And if you’re a nail bitter, those weak, thin nails are much more tempting nail-biting target.

Most salons that do nail tips also clip away your cuticles and that is also not good for your nails. The cuticles on your nails are there to protect your nail bed. Cutting those away can leave your fingers open to infection.

It’s been a long time since I have had nail tips. But I do remember that each successive fill made the nail tips thicker and thicker. I found it really uncomfortable. And I went to a really good, expensive salon in downtown Toronto. It wasn’t one of those cheap places that did sets of nails for $25.

This was scary

And sometimes nail technicians will apply tips when maybe they shouldn’t. I had a set of tips applied just before traveling to San Antonio in 1995. at the time, one of my nails was really short. The technician in Toronto applied tips to all my nails, including that one. I was in a hotel swimming pool in Texas shortly after that application and that nail tip came off. Not exactly the look I was going for!

I found a nail salon in San Antonio and made an appointment to have that tip replaced. The technician I spoke with refused to replace the nail because she felt that it was unsafe. She said the nail was too short to have a tip.

So I wore a band-aid on that nail for the rest of my time in San Antonio.

Why fake nails are a band-aid solution

The definition of a band-aid solution according to the Free Dictionary is:

“A quick, superficial, or temporary solution to a problem that does not address or resolve the underlying cause of said problem.”

And this is exactly what nail tips are. A temporary solution that does not address the problem – the problem of biting your nails.

Hypnosis is a real solution to your nail-biting problem

If you are tired of having fake nails and would like to eliminate band-aid solutions, hypnosis can help you achieve this.

There is nothing more satisfying than having your own, natural nails. Sure they may not look as glamorous as those long brightly coloured talons that you can walk out of a nail salon with, but natural nails don’t feel bulky and clunky.

And they’re yours – all yours!

Are you ready for a real solution?

If you are ready to have hands that you can be proud of and don’t want to hide, I can help you. Let’s talk. Book a free strategy call today and we can discuss helping you become a non-nail-biter.