Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors

While this website is geared towards nail-biting, body-focused repetitive behaviors, of which nail biting is one, (BFRB) affect approximately one in 20 people. Are you one of them?

I have worked with the following three types of BFRB

Hair Pulling

hair pulling body-focused repetitive behaviour

In addition to pulling hair from their heads, people with this BFRB also pull hair from other parts of their body.

Nail Biting

nail biting

People with this particular BFRB range from people who lightly chew on their nails to those who bite their nails down to the quick.

Skin Picking

skin picking

This may be a habit that is caused by another medical condition (for example Nodular Perigo) or it is just a behavior that the client has no idea why they do it.

Other types of body-focused repetitive behaviors

  • Lip Biting
  • Skin Eating
  • Cheek Biting
  • Tongue Chewing
  • Hair Cutting


Hair Pulling

I have had a lifelong hair-pulling disorder all my life.

Many years ago, after many different attempts and methods of trying to stop, I was able to stop for a two year period using hypnosis. Unfortunately, I had a number of dear friends die within a short period of time and went back to hair-pulling. At that time the person I worked with using hypnosis had retired.

Fast forward 17 years and I was at a point of wanting to stop this behaviour once and for all. I went to Julia and stopped after the first treatment, and was supported with tapes to listen to, cards to use as visual touchpoints, and two follow-up hypnosis sessions. I have had three people, dear to me, die since my first appointment with Julia and I have had no desire to use hair-pulling as a stress reliever. I have not added other negative behaviours into my life to cope with stress.

I believe the method Julia uses is effective and provides a person with positive alternatives to the behaviour I wanted to stop. She is professional from start to finish and is easy to work with. I highly recommend her services to anyone who has tried other methods to stop negative coping behaviours.

~ Lois W.

Nail Biting

5 days ago-I’ve had hypnosis with Julia, twice – on two separate issues – and without a doubt, I can say that I achieved the results that I had hoped for and more.

First nail biting – an embarrassing habit for a business woman. I am delighted to say that since my sessions with Julia 7 years ago, I have never fallen back into the habit of nail biting.

More recently, I came to Julia with another issue – less definable. Hypnosis with her helped to free me from unresolved grief. Thank you, Julia!

~ Dawn C.

Are you ready to put that BFRB in your rearview mirror?

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